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MIXED Bundle of Almondplus Meal-In-A-Bottle&Realfit 100% Pure
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Enjoy all the two brands in a bundle deal!

First Brew Almondplus
First Brew AlmondPlus Mixed Bundle
will let you enjoy the benefits and nutrients for each individual bottle.

1.First Brew AlmondPlus Chia Seeds is one of our fan favourites.
Chia Seeds jumpstart your day with digestive, skin, heart, and energy boosting benefits.

2.First Brew AlmondPlus Quinoa, which is a flavourful, yet nutrient-packed. Did you
know Quinoa is packed with
protein, iron, and fiber? Make
up for what your diet lacks with
the delicious, daily beverage.

3. First Brew AlmondPlus Black Sesame , it is the choice drink for maximizing your nutrients while boosting your health.
Black Sesame can help lower blood pressure, boost nutrient absorption, and help keep your heart healthy.

Realfit Bird Nest
1.Realfit Classic is soothing to the palate.
Genuine bird?s nest contains essential sialic acid, provides big benefits to your immune system, and improves cell health.

2.Realfit Zen renders a distinctive flavour,
somewhat like toffee and caramel ?
but without the guilt.
Red dates are known to reinforce your digestive health.

3.Realfit Shine is simply refreshing. And the
collagen content is a woman's best friend as it helps skin to stay young, smooth and firm.A study has also shown that collagen consumptioncan increase skin elasticity and moisture, both of which decline as we get older.

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